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    We manage the entire air shipment process so you don’t have to concern yourself with the details, Whether it’s a money-saving consolidation service, flight-specific bookings, chartered aircraft, or special shipping requirements. Wherever the location you get the same expert sta and resources. And you get the same concern for your budget and time we work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. Our industry connections enable us to stay abreast of innovations and new policy developments. We work only with trusted partners. Providing you the personal attention, problem-solving ability, and flexibility you can’t get anywhere else.

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A year before establishing Nile in 1999 I was an ambitious employee in a local company. After many years of hard work, motivation and perseverance, I'm proudly the owner and CEO of one of the most reputable multinational freight forwarding companies with our offices in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt & Mauritania and with more than 50 employees & many more trusted partners and agents worldwide. Throughout the journey we chose  ordan as our main office and headquarters due to its geographical location, we are working as a beehive for our clients & their projects. Specialising in heavy-lifts, break bulk, oversized & containerized cargo, our client can rest assure that their projects are in capable experienced hands. Every couple of years we extend our services to enhance our clients experience. We now cover our clients need for a full tailored logistics support from the beginning of the supply chain until the end. You are most welcome to try the best with us.

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